The purpose of the opening of Pvp serverler is generally pleasure, pleasure, entertainment and desire to return to the old days. One of my dreams I remember from the old days was to manage my own server when I finished my school and got a job and spend time there with people in a beautiful and equal game. Because when I lived, people could not easily access the computer and the Internet at any time. Pvp servers are also opened with commercial concern. People make money from such things so that they do not earn from pvp servers. In-game item sales, used in the game and the sine qua non of shopping, such as gold, coins or diamonds, such as the sale of vehicles given various names such as the list goes on. If you are in a competition and you want to be one step ahead of the competition, you pay for games to get those items, gold, gold, diamonds, token products such as give money. This competition ambition found in the nature of mankind can enrich you owners of pvp servers. It is up to you to play this game, even build people around your game again. But please write as someone who has played pvp servers do your server selection good server delays, hanging, even the worst player data stolen, such as the security problems for your server and gain is very important for your server. Also, if you want to enter the business even commercially, play this game for at least 3 months so that you find what you are missing and act according to the needs of the people.

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