Photo editing cannot be overemphasized in photography, and to effectively edit photos, there are essential tools every photographer must familiarize themselves with; here, we take a look at a few of them.

  • Contrast and Brightness 

With contrast and brightness tools, you can increase or reduce the contrast and increase or reduce the brightness of the image.

When the brightness and contrast settings are appropriately combined, your image quality can be improved.

  • Crop

This tool lets you cut out some parts of a photograph. By cropping out unwanted parts of a picture, you’re left with the parts which form a new image. Similar tools such as rotate and straighten tools are related tools to crop tool to help you achieve a better result. The rotate tool lets you rotate your image while the straighten tool lets you set it to a reference point or a horizon line.

  • Saturation

The saturation tool helps you to increase the image color. However, be careful not to over-saturate the image, as this can result in making skin tones appear unnatural.

This tool is perfect for improving the color effect of outdoor and floral images.

  • Resize

With this tool, you can resize the pixels or image dots of an image. It is also used in cases like:

    • Resizing an image for printing
    • Reducing the size of an image to avoid taking too long while uploading.

Many programs may try to fix the missing spaces when an image is resized more than its original pixel dimension.

With the interpolation program, you can have a mixed result when image sizes are increased way past its original dimensions.

Combining this tool rightly with crop produces a good preview and a ready image to be printed in precise paper sizes.

For tips on how to improve your photo editing skills, visit this link

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