The Sennheiser is one of the excellent noise-cancelling and the best Bluetooth headphones in India, and it is widely available in the market. Now, you can find many Bluetooth headphones which blend with ultimate sound quality with noise-cancelling technology. This noise-cancelling headphone is relatively standard in a world-class as well as business class  aircraft cabins, and their application has been massively controlled to those who travel with more luggage and also pack in some weighty over-ears to boot. If you wish to travel light and the choices have so far been controlled, this Sennheiser has designed both flexible and lightweight. Its weigh around 238g, and they quietly use narrow and thick cushioned as well as closed ear cups. 

In this Bluetooth headphone, the narrow ear cup design guarantees that they feel more comfortable while wearing around the neck, which is essential when you use it. On the right side ear cup is a track change slider, volume rocker and also a micro USB slot for recharging a battery. This wireless Bluetooth headphone also has a 3.5mm stereo jack as well as an audio cable in a box. To obtain the best performance from these Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones, you want to utilize them, especially in noisy surroundings. This noise guard or noise-cancelling technology also uses the dual Omni-directional microphones to monitor the ambient sound and then electronically cancels out.

Reasons to use this Sennheiser headphone. 

There are plenty of reasons to use these Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones today. Before you consider the powerful, deep bass and ultimately comfortable ear pads, you will be blown away by the incredibly lesser cost that is evidence that the best Sennheiser headphone does not require to break a bank. This Sennheiser headphone is also an excellent option for DJs who would like to have a capability to eradicate the ear cups from a headband. However, these kinds of headphones are ultimately lightweight and make to wear them for an extended period. You will something need to perform; because of its fantastic sound quality. 

Review of Sennheiser

The primary reasons for the popularity of Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones are a mixture of top-quality sound, strong bass, extraordinary lesser price tag and comfort, where these make the excellent Sennheiser headphone for your money. Moreover, this headphone is very simple to carry with you anywhere and also an excellent choice for travellers. They provide quite the best natural sound isolation so that you do not obtain disturbed in your listening, and also they will not omit any sound leakage, so everyone on the travelling knows what you hear too. 


  • Clean and deep bass
  • Absolute for DJs
  • Removable ear cups
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Good value for your money


Overall, the best Sennheiser Bluetooth headphone is very easy to bring with you, while you are on the go; because they are foldable. Still, now, they are sturdy, robust and easy to handle being held in a bag daily on your path to school or office or anywhere. 

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