DOTA-2 is one of the most competitive multiplayer games in the market. It is very popular among gaming enthusiasts with the highest active players online per hour. The popularity of DOTA-2 is somewhat unparalleled in action RPG game segment. Due to all this hype and buzz around the game, everyone wants to be good at it. This has led to the creation of websites like that offer players easy rank ups for cheap prices so that they can boast among their peers about how good they are in the game.

What is MMR?

MMR or matchmaking rating is a value that is determined based on individual performance in each game along with the number of wins. This value is used for matchmaking, this means the higher you have ranked, the better players you will be facing. These ranks are reset after every season and you will have to play the game again for hours and hours to attain higher ranks.

How do MMR boosting works?

MMR boosting is the process under which you pay some money to a service that hires a highly skilled player to play on your behalf and rank your account up.

Mentioned below is the step by step guide about how to avail these services-

  • Go to the website and select the service you want to avail. In this case, it will be MMR boosting.
  • Select the rank you want your account to be pushed to.
  • Submit your game account details.
  • You will receive a quotation about the cost of the service.
  • Proceed to checkout and you will be allotted a highly skilled player who will play on your behalf and help you to reach your desired rank.

After your account has reached your desired ranking, it will be given back to you safely. This website also offers loyalty discounts to the users after 1st purchases which will be helpful if you plan to avail this service again.

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