Here Are the 10 Scariest, Most Bone-Chilling Stories You'll Read ...


Over the years, Craigslist has been a website that benefited many people. However, it negatively affected the lives of people when individuals like the 2009 Craigslist murderer Philip Markoff used the website to serve their own purpose. In this article, Matthew Davies explores the creepiest Craigslist stories that will certainly terrify you.

The Stories

Here are the creepiest Craigslist stories listed below:

  1. Buying the House- A Kansas City family bought a house on Craigslist and paid over $100,000 to its owner. They happily moved. Then, strangely, the person selling the house asked them to change the door locks as soon as possible with no explanation via an SMS. Their memories in their new house were short lived, as two days later, the police showed up at the door with the real owner of the house who forced them to leave without wasting a moment. Sadly, the trickster was able to escape with the money and was never traced.
  1. A Newly found Friendship? – A user named VanBede faced something very strange after he successfully sold a juicer on Craigslist. The buyer asked him to deliver the item to his house, and VanBede agreed. As they were finalizing the sale, VanBede and the buyer chit chatted about things they wished to buy. The next day VanBede found a very specific model of a desk he wanted on Craigslist, and the seller was none but the buyer of the juicer.  However, when he reached the man’s house, he found a desk that had been recently cobbled together from wood scraps and didn’t resemble what VanBede demanded. 

This went on as he later came across a Craigslist ad for car rims that were the exact make of choice, only to find out that it was the same guy. Scared and dumbfounded, Vanbede changed his contact number to avoid any potential risk.

  1. We’re in the 21st Century- A couple turned to Craigslist to fulfill their creepy race-related fantasy as they posted an ad for large black men to participate in an ‘antebellum-themed’ party. These men would have to serve them food and wine while wearing iron collars around their necks and to wrestle naked for the sake of their entertainment. The ad claimed that participants would be generously compensated for the evening of extreme humiliation.
  1. The Roommate- Roomies are not always homies! In 2003, Brian Boucher was looking for a roommate to help share the rent and on Craigslist, he met John Williams. Boucher had offered his new roommate the only bedroom in the apartment but something, he felt, was not right about Williams. According to Boucher, Williams kept to himself and locked himself inside the room for hours. Williams began staying away from the apartment for days leaving his room locked. 

One day, the tensed and cautious Boucher broke into his room only to get his sense of fear multiplied-  names and addresses of Boucher’s family members, including personal details, like the date of marriage of Boucher’s parents’, his credit card information, his passwords were noted down there in sheets- as if Williams wanted to know everything about Boucher, much more than he should know.

Terrified, Boucher checked the internet only to find out his roommate was one of America’s most wanted criminals.  


Matthew Davies suggests you always think twice before surfing the Craigslist or any site or link, for that matter. If you fall prey to criminals, it’ll not only be detrimental to your psychological health, but it can cause a lot of physical harm too, and even death. Moreover, by surfing sites like Craigslist without caution, you put the safety of your dear ones at stake as well.

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