A new trend that is growing in popularity among dog owners throughout the UK is making homemade dog food. Dog owners have gone beyond baking simple beef flavoured dog treats and are creating their own healthy, nutritious food that dogs are going crazy for.

Using advice from veterinarians, residential dog training Preston experts and recipes that can be found online, UK dog owners are making delicious homemade dog food for a fraction of the price of store bought dog food. In fact, there are many special dog food diets that dog owners can use as a guide when creating their own recipes.

What Homemade Dog Food Diets Exist?

So, what are these homemade dog food diets and what should you know about them? Let’s take a look:

The most popular homemade diets for dogs are so-called “raw diets” where the focus is on providing unprocessed raw meats and, depending on the diet, fruits, and veggies. These include:

The BARF Diet-based on “ancestral” diet and the idea that dogs are omnivores, it’s focused on unprocessed and “biologically appropriate” foods for dogs. Those include meat, bones, organs, fruits, vegetables, and supplements.

The Prey Model Raw (PMR) Diet-the PMR diet is animal-exclusive, and attempts to emulate what dogs would eat in the wild (what wolves eat) – whole prey. It includes meat, bones, organs, feathers, etc. There are no fruits or vegetables.

The DIY Homemade Dog Food Diet-a whatever works type of diet, where no specific rules apply other than whatever works for the dog and provides the nutrition needed without inclusion or exclusion of specific foods. Unlike the raw models, it can include both cooked and uncooked foods, and supplements.

With these dog food diets in mind, choosing the best one for your dog comes down to personal preference and what your dog likes. Whatever dog food you decide to make for your dog, be sure to choose only high quality, all-natural ingredients that are both sustainable and locally sourced to ensure freshness and the best possible flavour.

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