Gastric Bypass

People who suffer from excessive weight and obesity always have the option to undergo weight loss procedures. Some of the common surgeries are lap-band and gastric bypass which have become quite popular in recent times. However, there is a huge difference between gastric bypass and lap band, and both of these have their own set of pros and cons.

Whether you are going for lap-band or gastric sleeve surgery, in both cases there are some factors which you must consider. Even specialists in lap-band surgery in Lubbock also advise considering them before going ahead with any of these procedures.

  • Recovery time
  • How severe the case of obesity is
  • The risks involved
  • How much amounts of weight needs to be lost
  • Will the patient be able to follow the routine check-up schedule.

A professional medical specialist can help you with addressing all your queries. You may want to consider lap band surgery at West Texas Bariatrics as they have a team of specialists who are experienced in performing these complicated procedures with ease.

Gastric Bypass V/s Lap band: This Is What You Need To Know

In case of gastric bypass, it is focused on reducing the size of the stomach where the medical professional is focused on altering the size of the small intestine and reducing the size of the pathway taken by the food through the gastrointestinal tract. This results in your body consuming a lesser number of calories. This is an intelligent way to decrease the intake of calories, which then limits the food you consume.  However, it may lead to issues in absorbing the amounts of nutrients, but this issue can be solved by taking some additional supplements.

In case of a lap-band surgery, the surgery is reversible and focuses on implanting a band which ties up the stomach. The best part is, it does not create any changes in the digestive system. However, this procedure is considered smooth and does not make you feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, it may lead you to lose weight easily. You may consider consulting a specialist in lap band surgery in Lubbock.In this case, the patient needs to see the doctor every 4-8 weeks in the initial year as the band is required to be adjusted regularly.

Both of these procedures require the commitment and willingness of the patients for successful results.

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