Poker is a popular game among the people and they love to play online games as it has more benefits in comparison to the games played in casinos. One such game is tangkasnet, which is very easy to play. Most of the poker games share the same rules. In this article, we will discuss the basics of poker.

Pack of cards

Poker is played with cards and a pack has 52 cards. Jokers are also used in some games and a pack may have one or two of them. Poker is played with a single pack but now people like to play with two packs, which are of contrasting colors. This technique has been applied to increase the speed of the game. A dealer deals the card and the other pack is shuffled by another player. In the two-pack game, a dealer deals a pack while the previous dealer collects the cards of the pack that he has dealt with. He shuffles it and keeps it aside so that the next dealer can use it for dealing in the next game. In the two-pack game, the deck is cut by the player who is sitting to the right of the dealer. Players can also ask for new decks and in such a case, both the packs are replaced.


Many variants of poker games are played all around the world and people make many strategies to win the game. The winner is the one who has the understanding of poker hands and principles of betting. In most of the games, the hands of five cards are needed. These various combinations are described here.

Five of a kind

This hand is considered as highest possible hand as players can use a wild card to make the hands. This wild card can be a joker, a two-eyed jack, or four deuces. An example can be four 5s along with a wild card.

Straight flush

In this hand, a standard pack is used and there are no wild cards. There are five cards, which users can use to make hands. The cards in the hands should be of the same sequence and also belong to the same suit. The highest rank cards are A, K, Q, J, 10. The combination of these highest rank cards is called royal straight flush or royal flush.

Four of a kind

In this hand, there are four cards of the same kinds as four aces, 4 Qs, etc. There is no use of the fifth card but it should be present in the hand.

Full House

In this type of hand, there are three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank. An example can be three 4s and 2 Ks.


In this hand, five cards of the same suit should be there but there is no need for sequence.


In this type of hands, cards should be in sequence but can be a mixture of different suits.

Three of a kind

In this combination, three cards should be of the same rank and other two of different ranks

Two pairs

Here two pairs are made and each pair should have a different rank of card. The fifth card can be of any rank. An example is A, A, K, K, Q.

One Pair

This hand has only one pair and other three cards can be of any rank.

Wrapping up

These are some of the basics, which a poker player should know before starting any game of poker like tangkasnet. All these basics will help in winning the game easily.

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