Your vehicle is an investment, and thus, it is vital to have enough knowledge on how to avoid damage to it. Very many factors can damage a car, both internal and outside elements. If your vehicle is damaged, its value depreciates, and also it slows down. Thus, it is essential to take care of your car. Here are various ways that you can use to prevent damage to your vehicle.

Be Careful with the Pressure Washer
The pressure washer is good at removing dirt on your car. However, the pressure can damage your finish, trim, and tires. You can avoid this damage by keeping the nozzle 20 inches from the surface of your vehicle. If you are taking your car to the car wash, ensure you inform the management to do so as a way to protect your vehicle.

Use an Oil Filter. 
You might experience metal particles in your oil which will make the engine to wear. The magnet creates a magnetic field which collects any iron or steel particles in the oil. The oil filter keeps the particles in one place ready for removal. The oil filter magnet helps your engine to perform for more extended periods without experiencing significant problems. Therefore, if you want to prevent damage to your car, then you should consider having an oil filter magnet, visit Magnom.

Park in the Shade 
The sun can have adverse effects on your vehicle. It can cause the dash to dry and crack, and thus it is vital to prevent your car from damage caused by the heat. This can be done by parking the shade. You can opt for basement parking or if there is parking under a tree that will also work. However, if an uncovered parking space is your only option, you should consider using windshield protectors. They will significantly protect your car from damage caused by the sun. 

Disconnect your Battery during Heavy Rains
When you park your car outside during heavy rains, which can cause floods, it is essential to disconnect your battery. This will prevent damage of computerized and electronic components in the car. Therefore, do not forget to disconnect your battery when parking during heavy rains.

Clean the Undercarriage
The chloride-based chemicals poured on roads during winter can damage your car if they are not cleaned. They adhere to the underside of your vehicle and cause corrosion of the metals. Therefore, when you are washing your car during winter, ensure that you thoroughly clean the undercarriage.

Install Seat Covers
The heat from the sun affects even the interior, including the seats. It can cause cracks on the seat, which will make your car look ugly. Therefore, it is essential to install seat covers made of materials that can handle the heat. These covers will also keep the seats cool. It is important to open your windows when driving under the sun to have a sustainable temperature inside the car. Your vehicle is important, and thus you have to employ these steps to protect its exteriors and interiors in any season. Do not allow your vehicle to be damaged yet you can protect it.

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