The main concern of cosmetic surgery patients is the unwanted exercise and diet resistance fats. After pregnancy, the stomach gets into the pooch’s shape and accumulates the fats around the thigh and other body parts. Fat is not easy to remove as you have to follow a strict diet plan and exercise. Some people control it through frequent exercise while others go liposuction Melbourne. For several years, liposuction has been the standard cosmetic surgery method designed to reduce fats and refines body contours. The overall surgical procedure is safe, effective, and provides long-term benefits. Currently, the non-surgical method is gaining popularity as it doesn’t require any incision or need of anesthesia. Compared to surgical procedures, it has less downtime. 

Liposuction and its working: 

Back in the 1980s, liposuction got popular. Mainly, liposuction is the surgical method used for fat removal. In this surgical method, the excess fats are removed by using a tube known as a cannula. The surgeon moves the cannula through a fat deposit, leading towards removing excess fats, which results in body contour. The primary purpose of liposuction is to remove the fats from the neck, abdomen, arms, face, and legs. Compared to the process of non-invasive fat reduction, it offers more effective results. Furthermore, it has a more extended recovery period and costs more than the non-surgical method.

The working of non-surgical procedures: 

Non-surgical methods are used to reduce the fats by targeting the fat deposit in the body. They are considered the topical method that eliminates unwanted fat cells. Some popular non-surgical body treatment includes,


It is the non-surgical method used to target weight and is a good match for people looking to reduce small and localized areas of fats. Mainly, the technique is effective in the hip, thighs, and abdomen areas. In this experiment, surgeons use the specialized cryolipolysis device to target the fat cells without affecting the surrounding tissues and causes the death of fat cells. After the treatment, the fat cells are died and are removed from the body. It takes more than three months to show the final result.


This treatment uses radiofrequency technology and eliminates the fat cells from the abdomen, thigh, buttocks, and hip area. Usually, the treatment lasts for an hour, and patients need two treatments for better results.


It is the method that uses radiofrequency energy to reduce unwanted fat deposits and tightens the skin. In this process, the internal probe provides the thermal energy that melts the fat and provides strength to the collagen band present below the skin surface area. Furthermore, an external applicator sends the radiofrequency energy to the skin and tightens it. It is considered the minimally invasive procedure as a small incision is made to insert the internal applicator probe. Compared to liposuction, it is a less invasive procedure. It is an excellent option for people looking to remove a small area of fats, avoiding extensive downtime. Many patients experience good results after some days, and final results appear after 2-3 weeks.

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