How Freelance Workers Are Helping Companies Address Labor Shortage Crisis: New Survey

As the labor shortage looms worldwide, more companies are turning to freelancers to meet their needs. These independent professionals are known to be skilled specialists that work remotely and bring the tools necessary to get the job done. Their flexibility and resiliency are valuable assets for companies looking to ramp up or down quickly.

Most hiring managers look at virtual assistant services in the Philippines as a vital resource for addressing the labor shortage crisis. When combined with internal personnel shuffles and in-house training, these contractors are an intelligent way to meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace. Here are other advantages of hiring a Filipino virtual assistant in the workforce.

One good advantage of hiring freelancers is that they reduce employee costs. Unlike in-house employees, they are paid only for the work they do. And because freelancers do not have to be part of a team, they can be let go or hired for another project without having to deal with training costs. Additionally, freelancers allow companies to safely scale their business depending on the needs of their clients. The key to success is to remain flexible and responsive to client demands.

Working with independent contractors, like a virtual assistant from the Philippines, has the added advantage of making businesses appear more resilient. According to the same Upwork survey, 84% of managers now believe in their organization’s capacity to handle turbulence. In comparison, 69% of respondents do not utilize freelancers.

To address the labor shortage crisis also brought upon by COVID-19, businesses must be creative in finding the right employees. While finding qualified employees has never been easy, the current labor landscape has made it much more difficult. It is essential to use creative thinking to find the right employees and ensure a company’s success through a flexible and on-demand workforce.

Learn more about how freelancers are helping today’s worldwide economy bounce back to its feet. Check out this infographic by OVA virtual.


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