Ever encountered situations where wearing a mask is a must? Sure, while it’s easy for anyone to grab on a surgical mask on the drugstore and use it without a second thought, wearing a respiratory protective equipment as a requirement for work comes as a different case.

For employees, especially those who handle hazardous materials, wearing silica protection comes as an indispensable part of the job. From shielding them from possible diseases to helping them perform optimally, there comes a range of reason why they must not risk misusing their gears.

With this, it is only natural for their employers to invest in what they call “Mask Fit Testing,” a program that checks whether the respiratory protective equipment offers adequate levels of protection to the wearer.

Generally, there comes a lengthy list of reasons why a respirator fit test comes as a necessity. Among these reasons include:

  • Safety at Work

One of the main reasons why employers conduct mask tests is to ensure that their employees are experiencing optimal safety at work, especially for those who are engaging in the medical fields or industrial and construction services. 

Generally, since these industries often deal with hazardous materials, it is only necessary to ensure that no worker will get exposed to toxic aerosols, gases, or vapors. Moreover, since contaminated air can infiltrate through minuscule openings, wearing a mask that doesn’t fit the face of its wearer will still leave him or her vulnerable to hazardous materials.

  • Airborne Risks

Another reason why silica test is important is due to the possibility of airborne risks. Since some industries, such as the construction services, generate several hazardous airborne materials that could cause respiratory infections, making sure that employees are equip with the right protective gear is essential to prevent the spread of such type of diseases.

  • Comfort

Lastly, aside from the safety promises, ensuring that a mask fits a worker suitably will lead to an increased productivity and comfort. Meanwhile, letting an employee wear a mask that isn’t suitable for his facial features can prevent him from focusing on his tasks at hand.

With this fact, it is only natural that companies and businesses must invest in a qualitative fit test, which checks weather the wearer can breathe normally or move with optimal comfort when using his or her Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE)

The Bottom Line

From safety, health, to comfort, there comes a ton of reasons why going for a face fit testing comes as a vital part of certain industries. 

To ensure a cost-effective and effective respirator fit test, be sure to check out SureFit Services today!

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