ESTA is the new visa waiver system introduced by the government of the United States. ESTA was first launched on 12th January 2009. The full form of ESTA is an Electronic System for Travel Authorization. The automated system designed especially for determining the eligibility of the visitors planning on visiting the nation of the United States. 

ESTA will also be used to determine whether the traveler who is visiting the United States is posing any risk to the overall security. However, the traveler can not be denied the application for visiting the USA. The ESTA will contain all the biographic information that will answer your basic visa waiver questions

ESTA is not a visa but instead, it is a new visa waiver system. Just carrying ESTA will not be enough if you are visiting to the United States, you will have to carry your visa as well. 

ESTA has been in action since 12 January 2009. And even currently if any visitor wants to visit the United States under the visa waiver program will have to carry a valid ESTA USA visa waiver. The new visa waiver system is a part of 38 countries that are eligible to visit the nation of the United States. You can only visit the United States with the help of this new travel authorization system if you are a citizen of any of these 38 countries or if you are a citizen of the United States. 

You are suggested to frequently check the status of your ESTA once you apply for the application. In order to apply for ESTA, you must have a valid passport. The process will be entirely online. Even the payments will also be online so make sure you have a credit card or PayPal for the online transaction. The application fees will be $14. 

ESTA is an online screening process for the eligibility of a candidate but a visitor can not be rejected on the basis of his ESTA application. The admissibility of a candidate will be decided by the officers present on the US customs or border security. 

ESTA will remain valid for a period of 2 years once they get issued. You can use this visa waiver system by the United States to visit the nation for 90 days or less at once. 

The purpose of your visit to the United States under this visa waiver system should only be related to business or pleasure that means you can not use your ESTA for visiting the country for employment purposes or for pursuing education. 

Individuals visiting the United States are suggested to apply for ESTA prior to their visit to the United States. A minimum time of 72 hours is recommended for US-bound citizens. Even though the validity period of your ESTA is two years but it will be considered invalid of you do not have a valid passport or have an expired one. 

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