You’re getting married. The big day is approaching and it is now time to select and send the wedding invitations. Now here are some practical tips to help you get started with the wedding invitation.


It may seem like a simple job: inviting friends and family to your wedding. But drawing up the guest list, checking all addresses, picking out a nice card and making sure all invitations are sent on time can take longer than you think. So start making a plan on time. Keep in mind the delivery time for the wedding invitations and plan some extra time to correct mistakes and invite any overlooked guests.

Timing of Sending Wedding Cards

Although we recommend that you start thinking about the invitations on time, they don’t have to be sent until about eight weeks before your wedding day. If you do this earlier, there is a greater chance that guests will lose the wedding card somewhere. If you are getting married during a busy (holiday) period, it is a good idea to send ‘Save the Date’ cards a few months in advance. This is an informal card that only announces that you are getting married on a certain date, and allows invitees to keep that date free.

Information on the Wedding Card

Before designing the invitations, it is a good idea to make a checklist with all the necessary information. What should at least appear on the wedding card is the following:

  • The names of the newlyweds
  • The names of the recipients
  • The date
  • The location where the wedding ceremony will take place

The above aspects must be included on the card anyway, but it is useful to add some extra information. Further details such as the possible dress code can be included in a separate note. Professionals advise to be clear about ‘plus ones’ and children, in this way you avoid the presence of guests for whom there is actually no room. You can always use a separate insert card for this. Something that you should certainly not forget is mentioning the link of your own wedding website. You can easily make these on make it even more fun to plan your day. Choosing the rustic wedding invitation can be the most wonderful option in this case.

The Style of the Wedding Card

It is nice to match the style of the wedding card with the style of your wedding, this way the guests get a good taste of what they can expect. You can easily create a suitable invitation at various online print suppliers via an online program.