In Australia, a general construction induction card, more popularly known as a “white card,” is needed in order to work in any construction site. From site managers, supervisors, to labourers, everyone whose job compels them to enter any operational construction site is required to have the said document.

How to Get A White Card

Anyone who has completed a General Construction Induction course is sure to acquire a white card. As per order by law, the document was created to ensure that everyone who engages in any construction activity is ready and knowledgeable on the proper and safe procedures associated with the tasks. Under the said course, students are provided with lessons and training on communication, common hazards in working on sites, common risks management, and other basic guidelines.

Where to Enrol

The course can be taken online or in a classroom setting. In Australia, many nationally recognised and award-winning Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offer such courses in both platforms to anyone at least 14 years of age. Usually, these classes are to be taken on a weekly basis and are headed by names recognized within the industry. Check out Get Skilled Australia for top-notch classes and training programs.

The White Card Registration Process

In order to get a white card, the RTO will be keeping your application form and will be the one submitting these documents to the specified agency authorizing the said cards. Before the actual release of the WC, your RTO will provide a statement indicating and proving you have finished all the necessary Work Health & Safety (WHS) induction training, which you can use while waiting for the actual issuance of your white card.

Australian regulations imposed that anyone who is currently looking for a job associated with construction tasks needs to have the said document. With its national coverage and boundless possibilities the card offers, it now serves as the official ticket towards employment and development.

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