Men and women wear corsets mainly to attain the perfect flattering figure to flaunt. Fashionistas have never shied away from exploring all options that can help them attain the shape that they desire. One of the corsets that had found favor in the eyes of such individuals is the fan lacing corset. Although all the different varieties of corsets provide similar benefits, they do offer different features and experiences. However, corset wearers soon realized that they needed a provision that would let them make adjustments to attain a better fit. As all corsets did not come with adjustments, dressmakers came up with the idea of providing 8 grommets at both the vertical border of the corset (making it 16 holes all together). The lace is then run through the grommets in a manner that is visually appealing to the eyes. The lacework can be improvised to style the corset differently every single time, after which the ends of the trailing laces are tied and tucked away.

Here are the reasons why fan lacing corsets are beneficial:

  • It allows you to adjust the laces of the corset to ensure that it perfectly clings to your torso.
  • The lacework that runs through the grommets allows you to stylize the corset further unless the corset comes with attached straps.
  • You can use the same corset irrespective of the variation in your weight.
  • The fan lacing corset is much easier to independently put on when compared to the clinch lacing.

In addition to the above-stated benefits, fan lacing corsets provide all the other benefits that the regular corsets provide. Originally, fan lacing corsets came in with laces that needed to be managed, but now we see laces are attached to the two metal hinges that hold the ends of all laces. By the look of it, fan lacing corsets seem complicated and difficult to independently wear. However, it considered quite easy and comfortable to wear when compared to corsets bearing other closure techniques like the clinch lacing and hook system.

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