It may seem like only yesterday since the last one, but Christmas has made its way back around yet again. For retailers, this can only mean one thing; holiday window displays. Each year these displays seem to get bigger and better than the previous year, but what can you do to create the best seasonal display?

A good place to start is to identify the stock that you’d like to display. A great seasonal display will be relevant to the season, but also include the best stock and offers that you have at the time. On top of that, you’ll want your display to stand out from all the others, there’s a lot of competition out there so the more creative you get with it, the better. After all, not only do you have other displays to compete with, but the display will be the first thing that customers see when they approach your store.

Christmas specifically is a season that inspires a lot of gift-giving, the feeling of goodwill inspires many to buy for their loved ones. So, if you can ensure that Christmas spirit is at an all-time high in-store then chances are you’ll maximise potential sales.

Here are a few tips to help get you started on your way to creating the best seasonal display.


Vinyl stickers are a quick and easy way to add a seasonal touch to your displays. A way for you to utilise both glass windows and floor space in addition to the actual display. Plus, these stickers tend to be cost-effective, quick, easy and customisable.


Modern retail shelving has really come into its own in recent years, rising in popularity like never before. This is down to how practical and customisable it has become, there are more colours and accessories available now than ever before. For instance, shop shelving from Crown Display is completely modular, with a range of accessories that complement easy to fit shelving systems.

Get Creative 

One of the go-to display decorations for the festive season is the Christmas tree. But, remember that a display Christmas tree needn’t be made out of wood. Get creative with your products and see if you can shape a Christmas tree out of them, showcasing your products in the ultimate festive way.

On a budget? 

Don’t worry if you’re on a tight budget this season, for there are many low-cost ways of getting involved that don’t break the bank. For instance, grab some cardboard and some scissors and before you know it you’ll have a hoard of reindeer in your window display. Don’t forget the snow too, from utilising cotton wool to crafting some good old-fashioned paper snowflakes, there are absolutely no excuses.

Don’t stop at the display

If you’ve thrown yourself into your display, don’t stop there. If you can carry on the theme throughout the rest of the shop, the results will be truly immersive. This level of creativity is sure to impress even the toughest of customers and you’ll be sure to see the results in extra sales in no time.

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