Today retailing business is growing at a very high speed and all the companies are facing fierce competition in the market. The most famous and popular retailers are amazon and walmart. They face almost neck to neck competition in the terms of profit and business. The presence of amazon is way after than the walmart yet it has able to compete with the leading retailer company. The physical and digital presence of these companies varies from each other and both is customer oriented which focuses on bringing more customers by their great deals and offers. 

  • Retail presence – presence of both the companies is very wide in the market but the physical presence of walmart is much bigger than compared to the amazon. People who buy groceries still prefer walmart as best shopping spot. Thus the total revenue generated by the walmart is bigger than what amazon generate. Walmart is having big physical space presence too. 
  • Customer focus and digital growth – both the company are customer oriented and focuses on their customers demand and making them satisfy with their needs. They offer various deals to their customers for maintaining their top positions in the market. However amazon is one step ahead as per the votes of customers in good services. Digital growth of amazon is way more ahead than walmart and it focuses mainly on their e-commerce businesses. Whereas walmart is not involved too much in e commerce business and focuses on the traditional business. 
  • Supply chains – both the companies are maintaining their sustainability globally. When it comes to the supply chain comparison walmart is behind amazon. Amazon has started its next day delivery on the special request of their customers and this has beaten the entire e-commerce website. After this service, Middle class and. walmart has also joined in the race and started next day delivery on special products. 
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