Some parents wonder whether they should give their children some chores to do or not. They think that it’s just unkind to snatch childhood from the kids and make them work.

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However, the fact is that when children are made to work, it’s very much beneficial for their overall development.

Chores increase the self-esteem and confidence in children. Whether they sweep the floor or make their bed, helping out elders make kids feel competent.

They also learn how to do various jobs perfectly because they get a valuable experience and their brains also develop because of the thought process involved in how to do a chore perfectly.

So, just as you check out for kids playhouse at Step2 Direct, you should also assign your children various chores.

Here are chores that can be given to children in various age groups.


Preschoolers should be assigned very simple tasks like picking up after themselves. Picking up their toys every day makes them feel competent and responsible.

They can also learn how to put their dishes away after a meal.

Young children particularly feel elated with picture charts as a reminder of chores. As preschoolers can’t read, pictures on the chart attract them and can nudge their memory about the chore they need to do.

Once your kid finishes the assigned task, you can put a sticker on the chart which can be a good incentive for young children.

However, bigger rewards may be necessary for older children to let them stay motivated.

School-Age Children

Once kids start attending school, they should be given tasks that have increased responsibility. Along with picking up after themselves, they should be given additional chores.

Since the chores will be more complex, you can teach them how to do each chore in a step-by-step manner.

If you don’t want to pay your child in terms of real money, you can start token or point system.

Through this, encourage your kid to earn tokens or points that can be exchanged for more time to spend on Step2 Direct kids sand and water play table or electronics.

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Tweens, tweenagers or preadolescence kids too can learn how to take higher responsibilities. Sweeping the floors, dusting and cleaning the bathroom are some of the chores you may add to their to-do list.

Since children have now grown, there’s no need to reward them for every chore they finish.

Actually chores like picking up after herself, cleaning her room, etc. are actually her duties and part of helping the family.


Teenagers should be assigned chores which will make them ready for the real world. Give them tasks like preparing meals, doing the laundry or mowing the lawn.

These are life skills that will be essential after high school acquiring which your teen can live independently.

An allowance should be given to a teen to motivate him to do tasks. It’s also a good way to teach money management to your child.

Such an allowance system should ideally work as if your child is earning money at a job. Pay only one time every week. Never provide any loans or any amount which he hasn’t earned.

Household chores are life skills and so, kids should learn them since childhood. Making them work is for their own good, so, you should think of it as beneficial and not unkind.

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