Japan’s weather patterns are unique. The chilly winter transforms into pleasant spring winds in a month. With this stunning change in the weather, comes the stunning pink clouds of cherry blossoms. These flowers are unique to Japan. The source of these stunning flowers is the Sakura tree. From the northernmost region of Hokkaido to the southern province of Okinawa, these delicate flowers greet the warm winds. Japan’s railway system is super-fast and efficient, which enables people to race across the country to experience the enigma of these flowers fully.

The Famous Sakura Tree

The indigenous Japanese Sakura tree is famous across the world. During the spring season, most of the cherry blooms we see come from the most commonly discoverable form of Sakura – the Yoshino cherry. The blossoms do not simultaneously take place in all regions of the country. In fact, the term “spring” doesn’t encompass the true extent of these cherry blossoms. The entire Japanese region spans 3,008 km (in length). Some regions of the country experience subarctic temperatures while others enjoy the subtropical climates. The Sakura trees start blooming first in southern Okinawa. Blossoms can start as early as January. Over five months, the blossoms continue to spread until reaching the southernmost province of Hokkaido in May. To experience the best cherry blossom 2021 plan a cross-country trip during the months of January to May.

The Best Time to Visit

Due to weather-related issues, forecasters have not been able to predict the date of the blossom season correctly. Rising temperatures result in earlier blooms. Pre-booking a trip isn’t as easy as it used to be in the past. Contact an experienced guide before finalizing your booking decisions. It is safe to say that the cherry blossom season is adored by both locals and tourists alike. There are festivals celebrating the arrival of spring across the country.

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