Pregnancies, whether they are the first, second, or fifth are always worth celebrating. Parents, most especially the moms tend to be super excited and can’t wait to share the news with their loved ones. However, simply telling the father of the baby, their grandparents, aunts, and uncles have gotten out of style.

Today, pregnancy announcements are fun and creative because breaking the news is often recorded and shared through social media. If you want to make your pregnancy special and memorable, check out these fantastic pregnancy announcement ideas:

1 – Customized Sibling T-Shirts

Parents who already have at least one child can always get custom shirts printed for the announcement. Simple things like “Big Brother”, “Big Sister”, or “Only Child No More” are cute, quirky, and will inform everyone that you’re expecting another child.

2 – Movie Posters

Turn a simple sonogram into a movie poster and add the expected date of your baby’s arrival. It’s a creative way to let your friends and family know that a baby is on its way.

3 – Baby Shoes

Surprise your partner with the news by giving them baby shoes. Some partners will know right away while some will get confused. Just remember to record their reactions so you can look back and also share the moment with others.

4 – Personalized Mugs

Give dad or grandpa and grandma mugs with their soon to be titles printed on them. It’s a useful and practical gift that delivers the message loud and clear.

5 – Customized Ornaments

Moms to be who can hold out until the holidays before making the big announcement can always announce their pregnancy using a pregnant ornament. These customized ornaments can include the expected date of delivery and other personalized details to make it extra special and unique.

6 – Confused Pets

Who doesn’t love seeing pets and babies interact? Long before your bundle of joy arrives, use your pets as a way to announce the new addition to the family. Your pets can deliver the sonogram to your partner, bring them baby clothes, or even wear a baby bonnet. You can get as creative as you can!

7 – Use Your Shared Interest

If you and your partner share a hobby such as biking or swimming, do a photoshoot where you include something for the baby. It’s cute and will surely make everyone swoon when they see it.

8 – Eating For Two Plate

Create a table filled with the usual weird pregnancy craving combinations like pickles and peanut butter or cheese with ice cream. Right in the middle, put a plate that says “Eating For Two”.

9 – Guess Games!

Gather your close friends and relatives together for a game night. Use games such as charades or Pictionary to make each team guess that you’re expecting. It’ll take a moment for everyone to connect the dots, but when they do the night will be full of celebration.

Whether you choose a pregnant ornament or simply just share your news with a text, your baby will be welcomed with happiness and joy. Congratulations!

Are you expecting a baby soon and planning to announce it to family or friends? Or perhaps just wants something special like a pregnant ornament to remember every moment for your precious little one? Check out Ornaments With Love today!

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