No one misses a chance of catching a glimpse of their reflection in the dressing mirror while passing by or getting ready, then be it an adult, kid, or old-aged person. When it comes to dressing mirrors, people usually neglect them as a piece of decor and go for something simple. However, it is believed that when you dress in a pleasant environment, you tend to feel good about yourself. Therefore, investing in a good dressing mirror is essential, as it stands there adorning the beauty of your room while letting you beautify yourself.

When looking for a good dressing mirror, you need to consider certain factors. Here are some pointers to remember:

  • The perfect size that will fit your bedroom
  • Additional features are always a boon—drawers, cabinet, or shelves
  • The best design and color to complement your bedroom decor
  • The one that will fall within your budget
  • Try looking for a brand
  • Don’t forget the material—wood, metal, plastic, or other
  • Go for a safety mirror to avoid injuries in case of mishaps
  • Look for discount or sale offers, if any

Now that you know where to start from, here are 6 designs that will help you choose:

Louis Solid Wood Dressing Console in Honey Oak Finish by Amberville:

This dressing mirror console feels straight out of old classic movies. Now, you can, too, sit in front of the mirror, like Marilyn Monroe, while getting ready. It comes with a table featuring 2 drawers to store your beauty essentials. There lies a mirror on top of the table with ample space in front to keep the lavish collection of perfumes, creams, and talcum powders. You can place a pouf for comfortable seating. Made from Sheesham wood, it is designed with honey oak finish and traditional patterns that add a vintage touch to it.

Venus Wall Mirror by Urban Ladder:

Creative buffs who know how to refurbish old furniture into something new might put that old chest of drawers to proper use of a dressing cabinet. The only need remains for is the mirror, so you can consider this one as your option. Why go for something simple when you can get something lavish at an affordable price? This square-shaped mirror will add a modern touch to your decor. The neat and clean design can be wall-mounted and is durable, thanks to the Sheesham wood construction.

Nordland Acacia Wood Dressing Mirror in Walnut Brown Color by HomeTown:

For those who can’t take their eyes off themselves, this piece of furniture is undoubtedly for you. It features a combination of a mirror and a side shelf with 4 compartments that stands on a 2 drawer cabinet. You can dedicate the drawers for your accessories and beauty essentials while using the tabletop for collection of talc, creams, colognes, and lipsticks. The brown walnut finish of this acacia wood dresser makes it suitable for any contemporary, modern, or mid-century modern decor. It would also look good in a farmhouse-style setup.

Avilys Solid Wood Dresser with Mirror in Rustic Teak Finish by Woodsworth:

Another one for the self-admirers, this dresser comes with a full-size mirror that stands tall on a small cabinet at the base. The ergonomic design of the cabinet features an open shelf followed by a drawer, where you can place all your make-up and accessories. The small tabletop lets you place your bottles of perfumes, talc, and cream efficiently. The rustic teak finish of this dressing mirror makes it apt for contemporary or transitional decor.

Prestige Engineered Wood Dressing Mirror in Dark Walnut Color by HomeTown:

Another one for those who are looking only for a mirror, this piece comes with a rectangular-shaped open frame mirror attached to a designer wooden panel on the right. You have a small rack provided that can hold your cosmetics and combs. You can pair this mirror with a small console table to create a unique dressing table combo. The refined design is perfect to complement your modern and contemporary decor.

Ohio Mirror by Urban Ladder:

One more for full-sized mirror lovers, this beautiful piece of furniture speaks all about ingenious design. It comes with an integrated storage of 2 open shelves on either side of the single drawer. It can securely keep all your make-up essentials in place, and you wouldn’t have to roam around the house in search of missing earring pair or that lipstick shade to match your little black dress. It can perfectly sit on any blank wall and doesn’t require much space; thus, ideal for smaller bedrooms.

We hope this article makes an impact on your search, helping you buy the best dressing mirror online.

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