Thousands of men and women undergo successful weight loss surgery Houston and around the U.S. every year. If your physician’s said you’re a candidate but you’re still not sure, it’s okay. The decision to have the operation isn’t easy—Even for a celebrity. Dozens of television, movie, music stars and personalities have had this lifesaving procedure, and several have even spoken about their experiences to help reassure other patients it’s safe, effective, and has brought real changes to their lives.

Al Roker

Millions of people tune in to the Today Show to get their weather from the beloved weather forecaster. Despite his on-screen success, Roker hasn’t had the same luck with weight loss. After hitting 340 pounds, the meteorologist and co-host underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2002. It was successful, and he lost 150 pounds. However, life can get in the way of goals, even the ones that are the most important. Roker’s mother became sick, and he spread himself thin between his wife, children, work, and spending time with her. It wouldn’t be long before the Today Show regular regained 40 pounds through poor eating habits and not getting enough regular exercise. Rather than giving up, Rocker changed his lifestyle, lost the excess weight, and is leading a fit life at age 64.

Anne Rice

The popular gothic-fiction writer, Anne Rice, underwent surgery in 2003 following a near-fatal diabetic coma in 1999. At 61, the famous author weighed 254 pounds and wanted her life back. She couldn’t walk without losing her breath, was suffering from high blood pressure, and sleep apnea. Following the surgery, Rice lost over 100 pounds and is still at a healthy weight.

Star Jones

In 2003, attorney and talk show co-host, Star Jones weighed 307 pounds. In August of that year, she decided to have weight loss surgery. Over the next three years, Jones lost 160 pounds. That’s amazing, but, unlike other celebrities that embrace the operation in the public’s limelight, the lawyer and co-host didn’t talk about the root of her weight loss—The operation. In 2007, Jones addressed the people in an op-ed for Glamour Magazine where she opened up about her struggles with weight and decision to have the gastric bypass done. As of 2019, she’s still leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining her weight.

People who are candidates for weight loss surgery Houston and around the country shouldn’t hesitate about scheduling an appointment with a bariatric specialist. Here they can guide you through all the steps necessary to verify your physician’s recommendation and get you started on a path to reducing your weight, and lowering the chances of heart failure, cancer, diabetes, and many other life-threatening conditions.

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