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100 Days of Love


It is a Malayalam romantic comedy movie based on the life of Balan, who is considered a loser throughout his life. The right to dub the film in Telugu is owned by Abhishek Pictures, who released it across Andhra Pradesh. Telangana and Karnataka on 26 August 2016. The original Malayalam version got released worldwide on 20 March 2015. 


This film is directed and written by the well-known personality Jenuse Mohamed and produced by K. V Vijayakumar. The cinematography for this movie is done by Pratheesh Varma and edited by Sandeep Kumar. The background music for this film is scored by Bijibal and sung by Govind Menon. The movie starred Dulquer Salmaan as Balan K. Nair and Rocky K. Nair (Balans Brother), NithyaMenen as Sheela, Sekhar Menon as Ummer, Aju Varghese as RomanchRamakrishnan, Vineeth as S. P. Pillai, Sheela’s father, Praveena as Sheela’s mother, Madhav as Rahul and more.


The storyline of this film portrays the life of a reporter named Balan, who is called a ‘loser’ by his friends and family in life. He decides to move out of his parent’s house and rents a place with two roommates. One day, he meets a girl named Sheela while catching a taxi at the same time. He immediately falls in love with Sheela and leaves the cab for her. Sheela left a bag behind her, which helped Balan as a clue to find her. After losing hope, they finally meet at a hospital where he knows that Sheela is his schoolmate who bullied her throughout school life. 


The rest of the plot consists of a series of events where he changes his perspective about Sheela and how they become great friends. Soon he falls in love with her but realizes that she has a boyfriend named Rahul. 


If you go for the reviews, the couple portrays a fantastic pair duo in the film, captivating a great audience. The movie is entirely dependent on the excellent portrayal of talents by these two lead stars. The lead actor, Dulquer Salmaan, is adorable and charming throughout the film and holds the spark and effect of the movie till the end. With fewer scenes in the first part, Nithyacomes as an excellent character with great acting skills after the interval. The climax of the film is exciting and loving.


So, if you want to get the cinematic experience of this plot, You can check many romantic telugu movies online on the aha app.




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